Frequently asked questions

The hammam baths are mixed, except on Tuesdays that work only for women. There are no separate sections – men and women are in the same area on the other days.

For your better convenience we ask you to make an appointment by phone or via e-mail. If you still come and there is availability, of course we will assist you.

We ask you only to bring a swimsuit. If it is not easy, we offer disposable underwear and of course hammam’s towels (pestemal) with which you are covered throughout your stay at the Hammam. In the areas of Hammam there is an organized boudoir, with hair dryer, moisturisers for the face and body, razors and shaving cream, etc., so as not to miss anything, just before your evening outing.

Of course you can. We do not charge children under 10 years for the traditional Hammam. Prerequisite is that children are accompanied by a parent / guardian.

Hamman lasts between one and a half hour.

You can pay at the cashier of Hammam, in cash or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). Also, for visits you want to offer as a gift, you can deposit the equivalent amount in the bank account or through internet banking. For further information, please contact Hammam reception.

Yes, there are male and female masseurs, usually treating visitors of the same gender.

You should not have consumed alcohol and a large amount of food.