Beauty & Spa House Athens

Facial Treatment

  • Aretousa by Sothys
    Duration: 75' / Price: 120.00€
    A complete service for a real “bath” of absolute hydration and wellness to face and eyes. An intensive moisturizing treatment with hyaluronic acid, in 6 stages.


In all massage services guests can choose to use the steam room for 15’ before the service.
room για 15’, πριν από την υπηρεσία.

  • Classic Massage
    Duration: 30' / Price: 50.00€
    A head-to-toe body massage combining different intensities and techniques such as Swedish massage and deep tissue.
  • Signature Massage
    Duration: 50' / Price: 75.00€
    A holistic head-to-toe body massage combining different intensities and techniques, such us Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. It relieves your muscles of accumulated tension.
  • Ancient Greek Massage®
    Duration: 60' / Price: 85.00€
    One of the world’s oldest treatments, based on the principles of and teachings of Hippocrates. An exclusive certified service and a unique experience that combines tradition with innovation! The use of powder, brush, suction cups and essential oils have excellent on your nervous, muscular and circulatory.
  • Holistic massage
    Duration: 80' / Price: 100.00€
    A massage with almond oil in combination with mild mobilization techniques of all joints of the body, which will restore the tissues to their normal function.
  • Massage services are also provided in the rooms with an extra charge of 15 euros per service.
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