Spa House Athens

Wet Area

  • Sauna
    Duration: 30' / Price: 30.00€
    Self service
  • Sauna – Russian Platza
    Duration: 30' / Price: 50.00€
    Combine the sauna with the traditional Russian ritual with “strokes” of bitch leaves by our masseurs. It helps the blood and lymph circulation, relieves the muscle pain and improves skin elasticity.
  • Salty Queen
    Duration: 35' / Price: 50.00€
    Steam bath and a deep body exfoliation with sea salts, sugar and flavouring of your choice. Select the aroma that suits you among four options. (Lemon & Tangerine – Orange blossom & Cedar – Gooseberry & Raspberry – Maracuja & Acai Berry) Body treatment with a hydration mask, for velvety skin and rinsing in the tropical rain.

Massage services

In all massage services guests can choose to use the sauna or the steam room for 15’ before the service.
ή τoυ Steam room για 15’, πριν από την υπηρεσία.

  • Classic Massage
    Duration: 30ʹ μάλαξη / Price: 50.00€
    A head-to-toe body massage combining different intensities and techniques such as Swedish massage and deep tissue.
  • Signature Massage
    Duration: 50ʹ / Price: 75.00€
    A head-to-toe body massage with almond oil and essential oils. A combination of many intensities and techniques that relieve pain and muscle spasms.
  • Ancient Greek Massage®
    Duration: 60ʹ / Price: 85.00€
    One of the world’s oldest treatments, based on the principles of and teachings of Hippocrates. An exclusive certified service and a unique experience that combines tradition with innovation! The use of powder, brush, suction cups and essential oils have excellent on your nervous, muscular and circulatory
  • Holistic massage
    Duration: 80ʹ / Price: 100.00€
    A massage with almond oil in combination with mild mobilization techniques of all joints of the body, which will restore the tissues to their normal function.
  • Use of the pool, after any service, with extra
    charge 15 euros per person.
    Massage services are also provided in the rooms with an extra charge of 15 euros
    per service.
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