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The feet are the most exposed and overworked parts of the body, which is why they need regular care and attention. Giving them a pedicure is the perfect way to pamper them.

Available Pedicure Services

  • Men's Pedicure
    It is at least as important for men to take care of their lower extremities as it is for women. They need regular pedicures to stay clean and hydrated since they are vulnerable to cracks, calluses, and infections.
  • Shellac Removal
    The removal of semi-permanent nail polish (shellac) should always be carried out by a professional who will remove it with care and with the appropriate tools without injuring your nail.
  • Shape & Classic Painting
    This nail service is ideal if you would like to enhance the appearance of your nails while giving them a great shape and the great color you choose.
  • Shape & shellac painting
    Through this service, you can get the shape and semi-permanent color you want for your nails.
  • Rasp
    Smoothing of areas and removal of hard skin. This is followed by moisturizing the foot.
  • Pedicure
    Your feet are treated completely with a pedicure. During this treatment, toenails are trimmed and shaped, cuticles are groomed, exfoliated, moisturized and massaged, and then, they are painted.
  • Shellac pedicure
    A shellac pedicure provides the same comprehensive care of your lower extremities, the only difference being that the nail polish on your lower extremities is semi-permanent.
  • Medical Pedicure
    The medical pedicure concludes with the painting of your nails and focuses on the ultimate care for your feet.

All Beauty services are provided at our new place ”Hammam beauty & spa house”, just 70m away from Hammam Athens and 100m away from the train station of Thiseio. Find us on the map here .



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