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Hammam baths are essentially steam baths. You will be able to experience it in a beautiful, well-kept, specially designed chamber in which the temperature is 45-55 °C and the humidity is high -- over 80%.

Steam diffuses dense moisture into the space and, if you want to thoroughly cleanse your skin and feel refreshed and well-being, hammam is the best option. You will feel and look more radiant than ever!

No matter what your gender or age, everyone can enjoy the benefits of the hammam and if you have any questions about it, please feel free to talk to our specialized staff.


Massaging involves the professional handling of the soft tissues of the body by professionals, either by hand or by using various tools.

Massage has been considered a healing technique since ancient times - and for good reason. Due to its numerous healing properties as well as its suitability for people of all genders and ages, massage therapy is an excellent form of relaxation, wellness, and healing.

Many types exist, each meeting different needs, but discussing this with our professional staff will help you to choose the best one for you.

Feel free to contact us.

Holistic massage
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