Find out everything about hammam and its fascinating benefits.

hammam: Everything you need to know

Hammam is one of the most soothing, refreshing, and exciting things one can experience. With its history of thousands of years, it isn't surprising that it has grown increasingly popular over time.

Its name translates to "the provider of warmth" and is known to improve the quality of the skin and provide an opportunity for relaxation, healing and care, for which your body will be grateful.

 Hammam is a truly refreshing experience that leaves you both internally and externally revitalized!

What is hammam

Hammams are essentially steam baths that take place in a specially designed space at a temperature between 45 and 55 °C and with a humidity range of 80-90%. 

The hammam experience includes three stages reminiscent of a traditional ceremony for cleaning and relaxing the body. The first stage of this treatment involves staying in a warm, full of steam environment to sweat, open your pores, and prepare your skin properly for a second treatment.

Next, using natural soaps and traditional gloves (ketse), the body is scrubbed and exfoliated. You usually experience this as you lie on a warm marble stone that continues to provide warmth to your body.

Final step: a herbal, moisturizing soap is used to rinse the body in very cold, running water. It is essential that the water be icy in order to get the most out of this process, and to help your circulatory system while cleansing the skin and relaxing. 

History of hammam

The hammam originated in Arab culture and is rooted in ancient Roman and Byzantine bathing traditions. It was a place of prayer preparation.

In Arabia, however, hammams took on more and more importance as their popularity grew in the late 1400s, and they became increasingly common next to mosques and medinas.

So it is not surprising that their fame spread to the ends of the world, and they ended up becoming very popular in Western culture, since they offered a beautiful and complete escape from the stresses and concerns of everyday life.

Although today we think of the bath as a private, personal activity, we must realize that in the past it was a social activity and an important social institution and, as a result, hammams played a significant role in promoting public health and promoting basic hygiene, as well as serving as meeting places for socializing and exchanging ideas.

Thus, as a ritual of sanitizing both the body and soul, the hammam has a variety of beneficial properties that make it one of the most popular forms of relaxation and cleanliness.

hammam: is aimed at whom?

No matter what your gender or age, everyone can enjoy the benefits of the hammam and if you have any questions about it, please feel free to talk to our specialized staff.

An intense massage that relaxes the muscles. Among the services provided are exfoliation, foot baths, hair shampooing, and more.
The body is washed and exfoliated with pure, natural materials. The treatment also includes a mask for the face, hair, and body.
A wonderful and complete beauty treatment that includes exfoliation, body care and tropical rain rinsing.
A traditional sauna for detoxification and deep cleansing.
A hammam, traditional Russian sauna, swimming pool, and tropical shower are all combined. The benefits include improved physical health, relaxation, and well-being.
In this traditional hammam (steam bath), your skin is exfoliated while you enjoy relaxation and euphoria.
Exfoliation, washing, and shampooing of the hair are accompanied by relaxing massages.
Olive oil soap is used in conjunction with intense massages that have muscle-relaxing properties.

FAQs & answers

Hammams are essentially steam baths. Hammam takes place in a specially designed chamber, where the temperature is 45-55 °C, with a noticeable sense of humidity.
If you suffer from any health issues, you should consult your doctor before making an appointment in the hammam.
There are only two possible answers to this question: nothing (if allowed, if you are comfortable, and your company is too), or cotton underwear. Due to heavy sweating and pore opening caused by the hammam, it is best to avoid swimsuits made of polyester (for example) and wear cotton underwear to allow your skin to breathe.
The clothes you will wear will get wet, so you should have a second set of clothes or/and underwear.
Hammams are characterized by high humidity (80-90%), which diffuses into the space as steam, and a temperature range of 45-55 °C.

Saunas are characterized by extremely low humidity levels (below 15%) and high temperatures (above 80 °C).
The hammam is the best way to thoroughly cleanse your skin and feel invigorated. The sauna is best for getting rid of toxins and enjoying a relaxing experience.
So that you are safe during the process of the hammam, the space must be completely clean. An arch with poor cleanliness poses a risk to your health since all the pores on your skin are open.Cleaning is our top priority at our spaces, so you don’t have to worry about this.
As previously mentioned, the hammam opens the pores and cleanses the skin deeply. To ensure that the process is completed properly, be sure to remove any cosmetic products from your face or body before the visit.
Yes, our space is designed to make you feel comfortable physically as well as mentally.
Exfoliation is not painful, it relieves stress and relaxes the body. Nevertheless, if your skin is sensitive and you experience slight irritation, remember that you won’t be able to thoroughly clean yourself without using the ketse glove properly. So, let this process take full advantage of what it has to offer, exfoliate and improve the functioning of your circulatory system!