How to get - Hammam Athens

Hammam Baths is just 250 meters away from Thissio train station and 550 meters from Monastiraki metro station.


How to get - Hammam Thessaloniki

Hammam Baths is located inside the Makedonia Palace Hotel, on the ground floor, and can be reached from :

Airport (12km) by bus: Get off at Faliro stop of line 01X.

Railway station (4km) by bus: Get off at Evzonon stop of line 70, 71A and 71.

Aristotelous square (2km) by bus, from Mitropoleos street: Get off at Evzonon stop of line 05, 03K, 06.

If you want to book an appointment or have any questions about the hammam, contact us using the information below, or fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you.


Upon entering Hammam Baths and selecting your desired services, we provide you with peştemal (authentic cotton towel to cover your body) a couple flip flops and a hubcap. You will also need a swimsuit (you may want to bring your own, but in case you don't we can provide you with disposable underwear). That's all you need in the steam room. You are kindly requested to let our reception know about any health problems you might have upon arrival. After changing in the locker room and locking your belongings in your locker (remember to always have the key with you), wear your swimsuit, put the towel and the peştemal and go to the hot space. The temperature at the hot space is kept between 40-45 C with humidity of about 80%. The hot space area consists of a round marble surface with small ponds around.

The masseuse will guide you depending on the service you select. You can start your relaxation session by lying or simply sitting on the hot marble surfaces until your body starts sweating (for about 20 minutes) throwing hot water in your body. If you have chosen extra services, our masseur will pamper you by rubbing your skin with felt for exfoliation, wash your body with soap and massage your entire body and head. When you are ready to leave the hot space we provide you with dry towels. Upon leaving the hot space your body will start returning to its normal temperature. You can try the hot tea and Turkish delights which will be served to you in the Hammam's living room. At the Hammam Baths facilities, there is a fully-stacked boudoir, with hair dryer, moisturizing creams for the face and body, razors and shaving cream, etc., so that you can have all the equipment and products you need before you leave.

The Hammam Baths are mixed. There are no separate sections - men and women are in the same area.



We ask you to bring face mask and swimsuit. If you don't have swimsuit, we offer disposable underwear and of course hammam’s towels (pestemal) with which you are covered throughout your stay at the Hammam. In the areas of Hammam there is an organized boudoir, with hair dryer, moisturisers for the face and body, razors and shaving cream, etc., so as not to miss anything, just before your evening outing.



Hamman lasts between one and a half hour.



For your better convenience we ask you to make an appointment by phone or via e-mail. If you still come and there is availability, of course we will assist you.

Yes, there are male and female masseurs.



You should not have consumed alcohol and a large amount of food.



Of course you can. We do not charge children under 8 years for the traditional Hammam. Prerequisite is that children are accompanied by a parent / guardian.


You can pay at the cashier of Hammam, in cash or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Also, for visits you want to offer as a gift, you can deposit the equivalent amount in the bank account or through internet banking. For further information, please contact Hammam reception.


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