We provide everything needed for nails, limb care, and their treatment.

Nails treatment

Both aesthetics and hygienic reasons make nail care essential, since it provides protection against infections and inflammation, prevents painful skin penetration, and improves the overall health of your upper and lower limbs.

As such, your foot and toe nails serve as small "shields" that protect the sensitive areas that they cover – When they are unhealthy, the tissue beneath them is at risk of being infected by objects you touch every day.

In addition to their protective function, nails are also some of the most visible parts of the human body and one of the first things one notices about others.

A human with beautiful, clean, and well-groomed nails is one who takes care of his personal hygiene and good looks.

Among the services we provide are highlighting their shape, removing cuticles and, if you like, painting them in attractive and beautiful colors.

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A pedicure is important for people of all genres, because it helps remove hard, dead skin cells from your feet. In addition to keeping your toenails perfectly clean and soft, a pedicure also hydrates the surrounding skin. Further, the well-formed base you receive after it, sets you up for a stylish finish using your favorite varnish.

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A manicure is often considered as a "luxury, unnecessary treatment". However, in reality, there are many benefits to this, which go beyond aesthetics.

Nail health is enhanced by a manicure, as it thoroughly cleanses the nails, preventing inflammation, infections, and nails penetrations into the skin. After all, during the day, the hands suffer a great deal, as they are constantly exposed to various weather conditions.

A regular manicure protects the health of your upper limbs and prevents fungal infections or other infections, while also removing dead cells to promote the growth of new ones - which are essential to healthy and strong nails. During the manicure, you will also receive a light massage that helps you relax as well as improve blood circulation in your hands.

Last but not least, the manicure provides you with a beautiful, clean and sculpted base that is ideal for being painted with beautiful colors and designs.

Professionals on our team are artistically and technically trained in a variety of types of manicures. Therefore, whether you opt for a radiant gel or a relaxing, therapeutic manicure, you'll feel lighter and fresher than ever.

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