Christmas Nails

Christmas has arrived and streets decorated with lights, glitter and festive mood create a magical scene. These are the perfect days for pampering and pampering yourself, and as we all know, details in the look make all the difference. Thus, what could be more wise than getting a good manicure and pedicure? After all, people tend to notice our limbs first. Pick something that reflects the wonderful mood you feel around you instead of the usual. To get your dream Christmas nails, we offer you countless ideas and help you make the right choice!

Choose from feminine, sexy, playful and discreet styles, in glitter, bright or less loud colors.

20 Christmas Nails Ideas

1. White nails with red, geometric shapes

This deep, red shade pairs beautifully with the soft, velvety white at the base of your nails. It is easy for geometric shapes to catch the attention of others. They combine harmony and simplicity, with a sense of playfulness and are ideal for those who want a festive manicure in festive shades, while remaining balanced.

2. Transparent nail polish with snowflake patterns

An elegant, timeless, and youthful design, this is an excellent choice for Christmas nails. Make your nails breathtaking by adding on them dreamy, ethereal snowflakes painted on a transparent base.

3. French manicure ...with a twist

Throughout many decades, the French manicure has remained a safe and reliable option. In any case, if you are a fan of it or if it is your first time trying it, try it with a twist: To elevate your look, add glitter in white or red shades to the ends of your nails instead of classic white.

4. Gingerbread Christmas nails

There is no doubt that the most feminine and sweet nails for Christmas are those inspired by gingerbread. Make a statement with transparencies and warm hues that are chic and festive all at once.

5. Christmas nails that resemble presents

These acrylic nails feature designs reminiscent of Christmas gifts under the tree, and are sure to make it to Santa's “nice” list. Consider combining nude with red and gold and, if you dare, make it a three-dimensional design.

6. Classic, white and winter-y

The color white is associated with winter. With their silver crescent at their base, white nails with a white crescent will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look.

white christmas nail design

7. A Christmas tree on your nails

With a subtle Christmas tree design on a blue background, you can create a winter wonderland in your hands. Your tree design’s color can range from white to black depending on the blue hue you've chosen as a base, and don't forget to add some glitter for a truly memorable effect.

8. Circles always look good on Christmas nails

A white base is topped with a series of colorful circles in its center, creating a look that is modern, chic, and playful yet subtle. We recommend festive shades of red, green, and gold for their colors.

9. A jewel on your hands

Sterling silver nails with a jewel-like finish and light-reflecting disco ball design! Furthermore, they match beautifully with sequins and pearls if you choose to wear them during the holidays.

disco silver nails

10. Monochrome, festive and classic Christmas nails

You can't go wrong with this timeless, beautiful, safe, discreet pick. The best way to emphasize your look is by wearing monochrome festive shades on your ends, whether they are matte or pearlescent. You can't go wrong with red or cypress—always select a classic!

dark green christmas nails

11. Simple 3D design with rhinestones

Those who enjoy luxury and simplicity and wish to stand out discreetly can pick the following: White base with rhinestones on two or three fingers of their choice. There are two ways to arrange them: either “freely” or in a specific shape.

red christmas nails with snowflakes design

12. Colorful Christmas nails

Bring out your inner teenager by daring to try a different color on each of your nails. This nostalgic favorite Christmas nail choice, will make your nails will like delicious pieces of candy!

13. Sprinkles 

Keeping in tune with the “sweet” theme, we suggest that you place small decorations that are reminiscent of sprinkles above your transparent base of various festive colors (red, green, gold, blue). Your hands will be the center of attraction when you wear this wonderful idea for the holiday.

14. Shades of red on short nails for Christmas

It is impossible to think of Christmas without thinking of red. Furthermore, red nails look better when they are short or medium-length. Choose to accentuate your short nails by using different shades of red on each of them—and you'll have the festive vibe you're looking for.

red christmas nails

15. Ombre and glittery

In recent years, ombre manicures have become increasingly popular among long-nailed women. You can choose an ombre which includes glitter and looks like a magical, snowy landscape if you have long nails (for those who do not, invest in a gel build).

16. Wavy french manicure

Dare to experiment with a bold French manicure, which includes many, small waves at the top of your nails instead of a straight line. The lines can be colored in holiday shades or candy colors as an option.

17. "Ice" Christmas nails 

The Snow Queen would undoubtedly favor the said choice. Nails in light blue shades, adorned with flat crystals that resemble ice. Their elegance and uniqueness will elevate any look you wear.

ice christmas nails

18. Nails with mistletoe paintings

Christmas and love are associated with mistletoe. Then what could be more logical than to include it in the “Christmas nails 2022” plan? Adding beautiful, small mistletoe to your Christmas nails will give your look a wonderful touch.

19. Christmas nails with designs

With pretty rhinestones and glitter, you can really kick up your edge look with stars, bows, and ribbons. No matter what you prefer, let your imagination run wild with a paintbrush or sticker.

20. Black Christmas nails

Nonetheless, the color black can become a festive hue during the holidays. This is a classic favorite that never disappoints, whether it is plain to recall the cold, long nights of December or decorated with rhinestones to evoke a snowy, wonderful evening. 

simple black christmas nails


In conclusion, a stylish pair of Christmas nails will boost your confidence and get you in that much-desired festive spirit. You can choose any manicure you like from the list above - glittery, red, sophisticated, simple - there are endless possibilities!

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